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Fuel Services

Boundary Bay Air Services provides full service aircraft fuelling with 100LL, Jet A, FSII (available upon request).

Fuel can be requested by Unicom (122.95) or by calling 604-318-9778 (bay fuel cell) or 604-952-2532 (FBO).


Contract Fuel is available. Please pre-arrange fuel releases with AvFuel or World Fuel Services.

  Boundary Bay Fuel 122.95
  Summer Hours  Apr 01 to Sept 30  0700-2030 Local
  Winter Hours  Oct 01 to Mar 31  0700-1930 Local


Latest Fuel Prices 

 AvGas Card Lock (self-serve)

  $1.70 incl. tax

 AvGas Full Serve

  $1.90 incl. tax


  $1.49 incl. tax

Card Lock AvGas Fuel Station