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About Us

Noise Management

Boundary Bay Airport is committed to working with our community neighbours to minimize the effect of aircraft noise to the extent possible while maintaining a safe and efficient air transportation center.

To help manage noise effectively, interested parties may register their concerns by phoning the airport administration office during normal business hours or by submitting an email through our Contact Us page. Airport Operations staff will review all inquiries and respond as soon as possible with pertinent information.

To provide you with as much information as possible, we encourage you to visit Vancouver Airport Web Tracker. This site tracks all aircraft activity, aircraft type, airport of departure and noise monitoring stations within the Greater Vancouver area.

If you would like to register a noise complaint with the Boundary Bay Airport please call 1-604-757-4010 and provide as much detail possible. The Web Track website click here is available to assist you in collecting information.

Noise Sensitive Area 2

Safety and Hazard Reporting

Safety is a high priority at Boundary Bay Airport and a Safety Management Plan has been developed to address all aspects of the airport operation.

Alpha Aviation has developed a set of objectives that move us towards long term safety at the Boundary Bay Airport. These objectives are to:

  • Actively manage the habitat and wildlife within and surrounding the Boundary Bay Airport.
  • Provide all staff with quality safety training relating to the workplace.
  • Encourage all staff, tenants and airport users to proactively report all hazards and incidents.

We encourage all airport users to proactively report all hazards and incidents. Please forward suggestions, comments, recommendations or questions to us on any matters related to safety.

You may wish to submit this report anonymously if you do not require feedback.